Official Secretariat of TC8/ SC6

Selecting FPJ as the secretariat of the international standardization committee of Cryogenic Liquids by Iranian National Standards Organization


Fanavari Pishrafteh Jahan Company is proud to announce that it’s elected as the secretariat of ISRI/OIML/TC8/SC6 technical committee for three years.
Iranian national Standards organization, with the aim of organizing stakeholders and experts’ engagement while expressing international standards, began to form and improve the structure of the corresponding technical committees to take an active part in the development of international standards, through maintaining national interests and providing scientific opinions.
Hence, given the specialization of standardization in technical committees of the International Organization of Legal Metrology, ISIRI/OIML/TC8 Committee, held a meeting with the title “measuring fluid quantities” in order to rebuild and improve the structure, On August 28, 2016, at National Standard Organization.
At this meeting, Mr. Shahzadeh was elected vice-chairman of Cryogenic Liquid Measurement Committee. Also considering the valuable records of Fanavari Pishrafteh Jahan Company (FPJ) in terms of standards and requirements for industries related to Cryogenic Liquids, FPJ was elected as ISIRI/OIML/TC8/SC6 standardization international Committee formal secretariat.