Microbial Corrosion Detection

Detection of corrosion in equipment caused by microbial contamination with the second generation of ATP monitoring at the earliest time


Microbial corrosion is electrochemical corrosion in which living creatures such as yeast, molds and especially bacteria are responsible for causing or intensifying corrosive reactions and cause many problems in operation. According to expert estimates, microbial corrosion is responsible for more than twenty percent of the economic damage caused by corrosion. Assuming that minimum annual loss of microbial corrosion in Iranian industries is only 20% of the total damage by corrosion (equivalent to four percent of the country’s GDP), this loss is estimated at over 30 billion Rial.
Fanavari Pishrafteh Jahan Company is proud to inform that in the field of rapid diagnosis and timely treatment of microbial corrosion, has managed to provide LuminUltra company’s products, the first and only ATP monitoring device manufacturer (second generation) in accordance with ASTM and NACE standards together with dedicated Quench-Gone Organic Modified kits in the field of rapid detection of effective microbial contamination in corrosion and is ready to deliver the device as available.